Jeannette Berndsen is a leading European artist of "Graphic Impressionism" style, that emerged with the influence of Salvador Dali, Vermeer and

Pearly Penguins


Dear Loved one,


The artwork "The Pearly Penguins©" brings the love and Luck in your life.

The Pearly Penguins© are unique, handmade and hand painted penguin sculptures.


Penguins are funny, adorable and laughable. They make people happy. The penguin is monogamous, which stands for eternal love. Each penguin sculpture is developed as a metaphor of Luck, love and Devotion.


Pearly Penguins© are made by various International Artists.

The uniqueness of the "The Pearly Penguins©", is that all artists gives expression to this beautiful concept in their own specific way and artistic skills. In this way the statues become unique Characters based on the emotions and feelings of the artist.


Pearly Penguins© are made in different sizes to fit everybody taste, from Micro to Large.

All sculptures are packed in a luxury box.

The Pearly Penguin© Organization guarantees the unique value of each penguin sculpture by means of an authenticity document. For the sizes Medium and Large, the statues are inserted with an electronic chip device.

Each penguin sculpture stands for an original artwork of Pearly Penguin© Organization the Netherlands.


"The Pearly penguins© are specially designed for special moments in life”.


Jeannette's penguins are hand painted penguins from the series original Pearly Penguins©.



Certification of Authenticity of Pearly Penguins© by

Pearly Penguins© Organization the Netherlands

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the Netherlands