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All amounts are in U.S. dollars (USD) and the sales are exclusively in that currency.



For your convenience, all payments can made by Credit Card.

On request we will send you the invoice by regular mail.

Artwork will be shipped within 2 weeks after payment has been received.

Buyers are considered to have made the purchase for his\her own account.



The buyer who is in default or who does not perform, is liable for all legal and non-legal costs.



Purchased artwork will be shipped to the purchaser directly from the artist.

All shipping takes place at the artist's risk, and at the buyer’s expense.

The buyer is permitted to specify in what way the shipment will take place.

Without a specification of shipment, the artist is permitted to ship at her choice.

The shipper will take reasonable care that the buyer will receive the work of art in good condition.

The costs of insurance, if necessary, are for the buyer.

For national delivery rates, please visit your local post office.



Return Policy

Artwork with a value of  $ 1000.00 (USD) or more may be returned to the artist within 14 days after receipt.

Returned artwork is shipped by the buyer at his expense and risk.

Once the artwork is received back in good shape by the artist the purchase price will be refunded to the buyer within 14 days.

Important: Always contact ArtistTouchGallery@gmail.com before returning any goods.

The return option does not apply to giclées, as well as any artwork under $ 1000.00 (USD). Its sale is considered final.


Period of Exhibition

The exhibition of each work of art can be changed every moment.



Your personal data will only be used for purposes directly connected with your purchase.

We do not share your information with others.



www.jeannetteberndsen.com is responsible for the authenticity of Jeannette Berndsen's  work of art.

Authenticity of a work of art is confirmed by the artist, and the purchaser can request that the artist confirm the authenticity of a piece of art in writing.



Design, title, work of art, names, designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.



No part of this website, including the pictures of each work of art, may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever, without written permission from www.jeannetteberndsen.com.



By making a purchase a buyer agrees that he is aware of the conditions that govern the purchase and that are mentioned on this page.


Purchase Price

Residents of  Florida are also subject to the state-mandated 6% sales tax.






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